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售后服务 After-sales service 一。产品使用前 A. Product before use 1.收到产品后请先检查:产品外观,标签贴纸,配件包是否存在不良。 1. Please check after receipt of the product: the product appearance, label stickers, accessories ...

customer service 和 customer support 是最常用的 technical support 和 product support 也常用,但更多用于电子、电器、汽车等科技产品 After-sale service 似乎翻译贴切,实际很不常用

in the coming year,our company will spare no efforts to serve you and we will put more attention on our post-sale service.希望我的答案可以帮助到你啵O(∩_∩)O。

berated them for wasting his

Exchange rules: Our success in your payment within 24 hours after for you to arrange shipment (before 16:00 on payment for goods), legal holiday be postponed, the actual delivery time to local logistics shall prevail. When rece...

客服电话 Customer service phone 1. Call our customer-service staff toll-free. 免费拨打我们的客服电话。 来自柯林斯例句 2. Responsible for Customer Service, Marketing Promotion and answer the phone. 负责客服,电话接听, 业务拓展及...

the company makes a featuer of providing quality after-sales service

主管是Supervisor 售后是After-sale Service 如果你们没有专门的售后服务部的,可以直接连起来After-sale Service Supervisor 但是这样看上去有点不雅,所以你可以这样 Supervisor After-sale Service 就是分两行

After I left that company, I began to work in the HP Company, offering after-sale services (of the products).

Hello, is the sale of orang company, later I give you solve the problem, orang long-term won't appear this problem, in light of software to open it because of some software does not support, you have to do is to put the system ...

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