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售后服务 After-sales service 一。产品使用前 A. Product before use 1.收到产品后请先检查:产品外观,标签贴纸,配件包是否存在不良。 1. Please check after receipt of the product: the product appearance, label stickers, accessories ...

售后服务翻译成 英文翻译_ After-sales service translation

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Check the product appearance whether there is any breakage ------酷酷口语小Q

售后服务是什么意思? 翻译为英文是: What does after-sales service mean? 注:请提问者珍惜回答者付出的知识和劳动,及时采纳答案!

与售后服务部门联系处理客户的产品维修要求 contact with AS service department to deal with the customer's requirement on product reparation.

售后服务概述 After service overview 重点词汇释义 售后服务after-sale service; after service

售后 customer service; [例句]他们也正试图通过提供售后服务来使该汽车采购商成为长期客户。 They are also attempting to keep the car buyer as a long-term customer by offering after-sales service.

常务副总裁也就是执行副总裁 Executive Vice-President 如果非要坚持常务的话,借鉴下面这个: 外交部常务秘书; Permanent Secretary of Foreign Ministry Permanent Vice-President 常务副总裁

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