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ArAsh 的onE DAy歌词大意

One Day-Arash I can see moon and light 我能看到月亮和光 Patience and become far sadness 耐心和悲伤 I hope to everyday 我希望每天 Hvatv still far hvatv还远 Daaaaaarrrrrrrm daaaaaarrrrrrrm One day I'm gonna fly away 总有一天我会...

One Day-Arash

歌曲名:One Day I'Ll Fly Away 歌手:Nicole Kidman 专辑:Moulin Rouge 2 Nicole Kidman - One Day I'll Fly Away From Moulin Rouge Soundtrack I follow the night Can't stand the light When will I begin To live again? One day I'll fly a...

歌曲名:One Day Without You 歌手:The Ascendicate 专辑:To Die As Kings One Day Without Keren Ann Nolita keren Ann--one day without you one day without you without you my love one day without you without you my love how i long for...

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