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pal也是朋友,但是比较口语话,pen pal是专有名词,就像中文说笔友而不说笔伙伴一样,都是历来的。

.My pen pal I have a pen pal.Her name is Nancy.She comes from England.She is 13 years old.She can speak English and a little French.She is a good student.Her favorite subjects are math,history.She thinks China is a beautiful co...


笔友(通信朋友,通常为未见过面而与之友好地继续通信的人). Is anyone interested in having a french penpal? 有谁想交个法国笔友? 或 有人想交法国笔友吗?

who's your pen pal 谁是你的笔友 回复: My pen pal is+人名.

点击SIGN UP,输入你的EMAIL地址Your email address,输入密码Your password,重复密码Retype your password。PENPALWORLD会向你发一封邮件,邮件里有一个网址,点击网页 把你的资料输入。就差不多OK了

ask for a pen pal 向你的笔友求助。 找一个笔友

In last month ,I found a penpel .and I get along well with he . I asked he about he favorite kind of stars,he said he also like star who are pop singer ,but I prefer like film star ,because I think they are great! He like sport...


Hello Do you remember me I am your long lost pen pal It must have been ten years ago we last wrote I don't really know what happened I guess life came in the way Let me know if you're still alive Let me know if you ever used th...

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