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Whose room is this? 这是谁的房间? 这是谁的房间?

你的房间真的很漂亮 希望能够帮到你! 祝生活愉快!学习进步! 满意请采纳!谢谢!

whoseroomisthis的中文 这是谁的房间?

Whose room is this? 这是谁的房间? room英[ru:m] 美[rum, rʊm] n.房间; 空间; 余地; 房间里所有的人; vt.租房,合住; 为…提供住处; 投宿,住宿; 留…住宿; [网络]空地方; 起居室; 客厅; [例句]A minute later he excused himself and left...

who seroma sit 谁引坐 VERB坐If you are sitting somewhere, for example in a chair, your bottom is resting on the chair and the upper part of your body is upright.语法信息 Mother was sitting in her chair in the kitchen 妈妈坐在厨...

AT:AT(AT:Automatic Transmission)代表自动挡。 \r\nMT:MT(MT:Manual Transmission)代表手动挡 \r\nAMT:AMT 是指机械式自动变速器,国内已经有这类车出现了,比如江淮的同悦、和悦。 \r\n这个比较特殊,其具体情况就是他以手动变速器为母体...

This room is small erth an that one A much B more 这房间很小,一个比一个地球B 重点词汇释义 room房间; 空间; 余地; 房间里所有的人; 租房,合住; 为…提供住处; 投宿,住宿; 留…住宿 small小的; 难为情的; 低级的,卑劣的; 细微的,微弱的; ...

C 其他的都是洗手间

这几个都可以是根据你给的句子来提问。 Where is your music room? What is on the second floor? Is your music room on the second floor?


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